Caino Blanco

Classic aromas of Caino Blanco are: Lemon and Lime


Caino Blanco is a white grape varietal indigenous to the regions of northern Portugal and northwest Spain. It is often confused for the Albarino (Alvarinho) grape that is planted en masse in these two regions yet it is different. Recent years have shown it to be a crossing of Albarino and Caino Bravo, a rare grape varietal also indigenous to these regions.

There are ever so slightly more plantings of Caino Blanco in Spain than Portugal but not by much with only 58ha and 7ha, respectively, found across both countries. It is solely found in the Rias Baixas region of northwest Spain and if it is used it is blended with Albarino. When added to the blend it helps to give the wines a boost in alcohol and acidity.

Though there are no known single varietal wines made from Caino Blanco, it does help to give a citrusy freshness to the wines. It will add lemon pith, lime juice and a touch of honeydew melon in the ways of flavour.

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