Coda di Volpe

Classic aromas of Coda di Volpe are: Yellow Peach, Apricot, Lemons and Cinnamon 


Coda di Volpe is an ancient white grape varietal from the south of Italy. Campania is the region that Coda di Volpe calls its home. It is not uncommon for it to be called Falerno – a reference due to many believing that Coda di Volpe was the grape varietal behind the famous Falerno wines in Roman times.

Italy is its sole home at present with 1,027ha in total. It is almost exclusively found in Campania, and is particularly sought after in the sub-regions of Avellino and Napoli.

The best examples of Coda di Volpe producers wines that are full in body with ripe stone-fruit flavours. Peach, apricot and light baking spices are very common aromas.

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