Classic aromas of Dolcetto are: Black Cherry, Raspberry, Red Plum, Licorice and Prunes


Dolcetto is a red grape variety from Italy. It finds its home in Piemonte in the north-east of Italy, where it is still largely planted. It is the third noble red grape of Piemonte behind Nebbiolo and Barbera.

The best wines made from Dolcetto are the appellations of Dogliani DOCG, Dolcetto d’Alba DOC and Diano d’Alba DOC, all of which are sub-regions of Piemonte. In is also planted in the south of Italy in Liguira where it makes sweet wines.

Generally speaking it is a solely Italian-planted grape variety but there are also small outcrops of Dolcetto found in California, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand.

The best wines have medium-high tannins with a deep ruby colour. Usually it isn’t produced with maturation in oak allowing for a fruit forward style. Classic fruit aromas are ripe black cherries, wild raspberry, red plums and mulberries. As these develop they will give aromas of licorice, almond and prunes.

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