Classic aromas of Grechetto are: Red Apple, Yellow Peach, Lime and Grapefruit


Grechetto is a white grape varietal form central Italy. No one is quite sure how old Grechetto is but it is surmised that it is at least 200 years old. Grechetto is home in Umbria - in particular the sub region of Orvieto. Orvieto has been given a DOC status producing wines from Grechetto along with Trebbiano and Verdelho. It is not just Orvieto DOC where you will find Grechetto, it is allowed to be blended in near on all white wine DOCs within Umbria as well as Lazio, Marche and Tuscany. 

Though Orvieto is one of Italy's most produced, and cheapest, white wines that is literally pumped out across the world, there are only 1,204ha of Grechetto found across Italy. Most of which is found in Umbria though there is a small but steady increase in plantings in other regions such as Tuscany.

Grechetto produces wines that are full in body with a moderate-high acidity. They are fresh and filled with tree and citrus fruits. Lime, grapefruit and apples are common aromatics associated with Grechetto.


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