Classic aromas of Loureiro are: Mango, Oranges, Yellow Peaches and Green Apple


Loureiro is a highly aromatic white grape varietal from northern Portugal. Loueiro, itself, is 'laurel' in Portuguese and is named as such due to the smell of the grapes. The grapes have a herbal aroma akin to that of the laurel flower and leaves. No one is quite sure of the age of Loueiro but it is thought to be one of Portugal's oldest white grape varietals due to the numerous grapes it is related to.

It has always been the saving grace of the region of Minho, the most northern region in Portugal, where it helps make up the light and aromatic white wines of Vinho Verde. Here it makes up the majority of the blend where it is matched with Arinto and Trajadura. Loureiro, solely, produces wines which are intensely aromatic and with fairly high natural acidity.

Thanks to the upheaval of popularity of the whites wines of Vinho Verde, Loueiro has travelled a bit to both Spain and California. In Spain it is found in the region of Galicia (literally a few hours drive north of Vinho Verde). There are 584ha of Loueriro in this region and it is also allowed to make up 10% of the Rias Baixas blend. Like in Vinho Verde, here Loureiro is also blended with other white grapes such as Albarino and Godello to tame its intensity. In California, there are a here 13ha of Lourerio planted with a few very small batches of single varietal bottlings found.

Loureiro produces wines that are distinct with a crispness of aromatics with green apple, orange, yellow peach, green mango and white nectarine at the forefront. It also has a nice floral and herbal element with a acacia and lemon blossom note matched with linden and a touch of lavender - when particularly ripe.


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