Classic aromas of Mencia are: Red Plum, Raspberry, Blackberry and Black Cherry


Mencia is a red grape varietal that originates from the Bierzo region in Spain. Yet it is well known and made throughout Portugal – particularly in the northern regoins of Dao and Douro.

The fair majority of Mencia is grown in the Galicia and Castilla y Leon regions of Spain. In total, Spain has 9,055ha of Mencia spread across these regions. It is growing importance, also, in the region of Bierzo.

Portugal has 2,578ha of Mencia (here known as Jaen) with most of it in the northern region of Dao. Generally speaking they will be more rustic and with more wild red fruit flavours developing as the wines mature – compared to Spain’s lighter red wines.

It produces wines that are aromatic with lively red fruit flavours that are perfect for cheaper and simple red wines, as well as the occasional rose. There are a few top producers who are now producing more serious, age-worthy red wines made from Mencia through using low-cropping levels in the vineyard and riper grapes to produce richer and more complex wines that are higher in tannins and possess black fruit flavours.

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