Domaine Viret - 'Colonnades' 2011

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  • Domaine Viret - 'Colonnades' 2011

Domaine Viret - 'Colonnades' 2011

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 Southern Rhone Valley - France


 100 year old GrenacheMourvedre and Carignan

"The Colonnades is a big, beautiful beast of a wine. It really warrants all of your attention the moment that you open the bottle. It has bold flavours of licorice, fresh thyme, blackberry, prunes and cooked vanilla beans. It has a full body and superbly soft tannins. As it opens up there are dried red currant, raspberry and boysenberry flavours appearing."

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Full-bodied reds are best suited to rich foods that are full of flavour.

They are perfect accompanied by:

Hard Cheeses

Red Meat

Cured Meats

Game e.g. Venison, Veal