Tschida - 'Kapitel 1' Zweigelt 2015

Stunning! Sold out
  • Tschida - 'Kapitel 1' Zweigelt 2015

Tschida - 'Kapitel 1' Zweigelt 2015

Stunning! Sold out

 Burgenland - Austria


 Zweigelt (50%) and Cabernet Franc (50%)

"A truly serious and fascinating take on Zweigelt. The Cabernet Franc fruit adds in acidity and beautiful aromatics of ripe raspberry and dried cherry notes. The Zweigelt gives this a spiced plum feeling to it along with hints of nutmeg, black pepper, and blackberry jam. Absolutely love this wine to bits!"


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Medium-bodied Reds are best suited to richer foods that have a bite to them.

They are perfect accompanied by:

Roasted Vegetables

Hard Cheeses

Red Meat

Spiced Foods e.g. Indian Curries

Cured Meats