Introducing Coco di Mama

I am truly thrilled to be able to spend my life drinking amazing wines and traveling to the regions that make them, as well as meet the charming people behind them. It is always exciting to help out winemakers on their new projects, especially when they are as gifted and as close to me as Tamra Kelly-Washington.

Recently, Tamra launched her new Sicilian-wine adventure project: Coco di Mama. To start off with she has made a Grillo and a Syrah - both are wonderful and great value. NOTE: the Coco di Mama is in my TOP 10 Picks for Xmas (click here to check it out).

I asked Tamra to write a bit about her project. Have a nosey:

After spending a number of years based in the beautiful Mediterranean making wine, I totally fell in love with the indigenous varieties coming out of Sicily.

One of such being the white variety Grillo – a real hidden treasure from the Island. “ Coco di Mama “– Mamas little treasure. Also my daughter, Coco, who is most of the time, a little treasure!

So it’s with great pleasure to be able to bring my own Grillo into New Zealand. This wine is a real authentic example of the variety. Farmed organically on gentle slopes in the southern western side of the Island, famous for the ‘ terra rossa’ or red dirt, this is truly a special wine with huge drinkability and appeal. It always amazes me how in such a warm climate, this variety, when treated correctly in the winery, oozes freshness, vibrancy and fruitiness. Coco di Mama is no exception. Perfect as an aperitif, and especially divine with grilled fish and vegetables on the BBQ (for the true Sicilian experience), this is a summer treat for those long days out on the deck. You might find dense citrus notes, in particular lemon blossom, warm fruit flavours, a medium body and bright, refreshing acidity, finishing crisp and dry. Think of a Sauvignon Blanc that is a little softer and plusher, and little more exotic!

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