The Hills Are Alive...

I’ve said it before, we live in a country obsessed with Sauvignon Blanc which is a grassy, zesty, high acid white wine; so why don’t we all equally have a passion for Gruner Veltliner? The best thing about Gruner Veltliner is the zesty and refreshing aspects of it but also the fact that there are some examples of it that has been aged in oak or had contact with it’s lees (old yeasts) which give a richer texture and also that characteristic nutty character you get from a refined Chardonnay (another NZ love).

Austria, as you may have guessed, is the home of Gruner Veltliner and is naturally where you will find some of the best examples of it. That said, it isn’t all Gruner, there is plenty of ripe Riesling there too as well as a plethora of delicious red wines made from grapes like Blaufrankisch (think of Merlot).

We’ve already mentioned in a previous offer the incredible Gut Oggau wines, so today I’d like to draw your attention to two brilliant producers: Leo Alzinger and F X Pichler. Both are from the famed, and most important, wine region of Austria: Wachau. Alzinger is known for their precision and elegance, which Pichler also has been there is an extra layer of richness and complexity that one finds in the wines of Pichler.

Pichler has been hailed as not only the top producer of Austria but also one of the top winemakers in the world.

A quick note on two terms you’ll notice on the wines: Federspiel and Smaragd. They are classifications for the wines made in the Wachau.

Federspiel, are wines that are 11.5-12.5% in alcohol and has a ripeness value that is equivalent to a Kabinett wine (German classification)

Smaragd, are wines that have at least 12.5% in alcohol, and has a ripeness value of a Spatlese wine (German classification).

If none of that makes sense to you, think that Federspiel is normal ripeness and Smaragd wine is even riper so has more fruit intensity in the wine.


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