Let Alsace Rock Your World

We live in a country that where white wines are Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay. The Chardonnays that we often see, nowadays, is restrained with the odd oak-bomb pushing its way through but that doesn’t matter too much as Sauvignon Blanc is still the fruit bomb that takes the stand. It is aromatic in a big, grassy, passionfruity way. So if we all love Sauvignon Blanc then why don’t we give more time of day to other aromatic grapes? Sauvignon Blanc has high acid and a lot of fruit-forward aromatics to it but so does Riesling, Pinot Gris has a lower acidity but it is pretty close too. Both of these grapes are part of the “noble grapes” of Alsace, France. They are joined by two of the most aromatic grapes known to man: Muscat and Gewurztraminer.

I ask you to give Alsace, or aromatic grapes in general, a chance. An aged Gewurztraminer can be the most wonderful thing to indulge in, and this brings me to the two producers I’d like to highlight today: Dirler Cade and Zind-Humbrecht.

Both of these houses are biodynamic and game-changers in the region of Alsace. Dirler Cade is an aromatic king known not for pandering to the masses to make rich or sweet wines but brilliant and concise wines. Zind Humbrecht, on the other hand, have consistently been known as one of the top white wine makers in the world, and whilst their wines are a little more hedonistic they are also terroir-driven and push people to consider Alsace as a region of diversity.


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