Oh glorious man: Sir Pinot Noir

There simply isn't anyone out there who can honestly say that they don't like a good Pinot Noir, and those that think they can are clearly not drinking the good stuff. 

Pinot Noir at its best is supple, rich, delicate, fruity, layered and complex all at once. When a winemaker has triumphed in producing a purely perfect Pinot Noir it is enough ammunition to make strong men cry - trust me I've seen it happen!

We are all familiar with the pure aromatics that Pinot Noir can hold. Cherries, strawberries, raspberries, red plums....the list goes on to include a plethora of spices, herbs and other secondary fruit characteristics. Without a doubt it can be one of the most complex red wines produced. Wine lovers gather together when they have found a new poster boy to plaster across Pinot Noir Weekly's front page, but why do we do this? It largely comes down to the fact that we also know that Pinot Noir is an incredibly tricky grape to both grow, make and craft. There are far too many terrible examples or over oaked example, so when a truly good one pops up we will always go a tad mad with sheer excitement.

So here is a few of the outrageously best Pinot Noirs in the world that we have in stock right now!

Erath Winery - one the establishing producers of the Oregon wine trade - and this is their estate Pinot Noir. It is light in colour but outrageously complex. Here is our latest tasting note: 

"Deliciously affable, start to finish! Bursting-with-berries aromas mingle with plum, fragrant violet and an alluring hint of caramel. A silky mouthful of bing cherry and pomegranate are woven together with a persistence of smooth caramel. This crowd pleaser is ripe, round and infinitely approachable."

Bodega Chacra - a real highlight and superstar of the Argentinian wine scene at the moment - and this is their 'Barda' Pinot Noir. With Burgundian style and complexity but new world richness and ripeness. Here is our latest tasting note:

"This is a classic Pinot Noir that handles the delicate balance of fruit, floral and earthy aromas just perfectly. It is graceful with red rose and lavender on the nose alongside of raspberries and red plums. The palate showcases light and soft tannins with incredible depth of flavour."

Meyer Nakel - one of Germany's up and coming producers yet are already on their way to being featured on many of the top wine lists in the world - and this is their 'G' Spatburgunder. Here is our latest tasting note:

"A truly complex Pinot Noir with Burgundian charm but German precision. It has a beautiful nose with red cherry, red rose and dried strawberries filling the perfumed playhouse of the glass it sits in. The palate holds ripe yet soft tannins which are just enough to hold up to the kiss of oak that holds this ripe Pinot Noir together. The oak lends a touch of smokey elegance otherwise letting the fruit and florals lead the way." 

Hamiton Russell - without a doubt one of the best New World Pinot Noir producers in the world - and this is their one and only brilliant Pinot Noir. They happen to be from Walker Bay in South Africa. Here is our latest tasting note:

"Our Pinot noir is not overtly fruity, soft and “sweet” and it generally shows hints of that alluring savoury “primal” character along with a dark, spicy, complex primary fruit perfume. As it opens up there is hints of wood smoke, vanilla, wild raspberry and concentrated strawberries. The palate is soft and sultry with unbelievably gorgeous texture. Long finish loaded with black raspberry and vanilla bean."


So enjoy some of the best Pinot Noirs from leading producers around the world!


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