Gut Oggau's Tough Vintage

The famed Gut Oggau house are known for their wines all made to specific personalities, with the drink young wines being represented as the younger family members up to the much more complex and age-worthy wines being the Oma and Popa of the family. A lovely touch, I am sure you will agree!

They are from the Burgenland region of south-east Austria. In this part of the country the 2016 vintage was a particularly tough one with heavy frosts and more summer hail than you can shake a stick at. The owners and winemakers of these great wines; Stephanie and Eduard, note that although it was terrible conditions the autumn was "forgiving and warm" which gave them good fruit just less than they were hoping for. So in order to show off their fruit in the best fashion they could think of they decided to blend the wines together. The single vineyards are usually processed and made separately into the various family members of the Gut Oggau portfolio - not this year. This year they decided to reunite into three blends: a White, a Rosé and a Red.

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