Introducing Insta-Shopping

Here at The Cellar we like to think that we are breaking the boundaries when it comes to shopping for wine online. Initially you not agree with us but to give you an idea on a few ground-breaking features of our web-store that you have probably used without even thinking about it.

Our web-store is one of the first to use the following features:

-Tannin/Acidity rating bars: On every product featured in our store you will find a pictograph that dictates quite easily and quickly how this wine tastes. It breaks it down against acidity, tannin, sweetness, body, and fruitiness.

-Buying wine by descriptions: Every wine featured in our store has been given a few extra notes when coded in - this extra code dictates if it is a 'light and crisp white wine' or a 'meaty, savoury red wine'. So now you can shop by description - making it easier in case you are not sure what grapes/regions make the big and juicy red wines that you are looking for. Don't believe us - check it out here!


So that is exciting! Now to add to this we have introduced a new feature: Insta Shop! 

This feature enables you to find quick recommendations of wines that we have uploaded on to our Instagram feed - which are all wines that we highlight for various reasons. Then click 'Shop Now' to add the respective wines to your cart.

Check out this video to see how:


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