WINE 101 - Our new online wine course

Hello all!

We had a fairly good weekend over at The Cellar HQ. We were busy putting some final touches to our new WINE 101 wine course (which you can now find on the homepage's main top menu).

Thanks to a few comments from our (already) loyal customers who loved our 'learn section' online, but asked if there was a place we could put up a bit more information about the fundamentals of wine. So, we were happy to oblige with such a request. To us it makes sense to have a place where you can learn about what a full body wine is vs a light body one, or what high tannins refers to, etc. 

What we have done is split up the course into four sections. Sight, Smell, Taste and Food and Wine Matching. The course is free to follow along and we recommend that you use it from start to finish in order to gain a full understanding of wine.

You shall be guided along how wine gets its colour and why certain red, or white, wines look so different to each other. Then you move into how we smell, the four main aromatic categories of wine, and wine faults - what they are and how to spot them. Taste takes you along learning about all those words you have probably seen mentioned in tasting notes or heard winemakers use in passing. You will find all about acidity, tannins, balance, concentration, sweetness - and how to talk about them in respect to certain wines. Finally, we have a few brief notes on how to food and wine match.

We may in time add in more information and pictures. But for now we got so excited that we wanted to make it 'live'. So please enjoy the course! Also please let us know what you think, or if there is anything you would like us to go into more depth about.


Connal - Director

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