Finding the Angel Share

'Angel Share' is a term used in the spirit world referring to the spirit vapour that evaporates from the barrels of ageing whisk(e)y, rum or Cognac. Each year, especially in warmer regions, spirits that are aged in oak will lose up to, about, an eighth of its volume in this way. As it evaporates up towards the heavens it is quite simply called the 'Angel Share'.

Initially when I set up this wine platform I had one brief 'to educate the NZ wine-loving community via the best, most expansive and tastiest international-only range of wines I could get my hands on in order to do so'. So far, I believe, I and my team have done an incredible job in doing so with an ever expanding range of information and selection hand-crafted wines available on The Cellar. Though, it was always wine focused.

I shall admit in all of my studies I never enjoyed the spirits side of it as much as I did for wines. That isn't to say that I didn't find it interesting or helpful - both of which apply in great intensity - I was just hit by the wine bug and strong. Spirits were always second fiddle for me but in doing tastings and meeting with more and more importers around the country I was quickly converted into a craft spirits lover. Because of this convincing I am slowly adding in more and more spirits to our range here at The Cellar. 

I am deliberately sticking away from the big brands or any producers who are deep discounted in regular liquour stores. I do this for a few reasons; 1) they aren't often very good, 2) even at cheaper price points they scarcely offer value, 3) everyone else sells (gives them away), and finally - I can't compete with liquor kings pricing. But the most important reason is that all the other spirits that I am finding are just so much more interesting, exciting and tasty than the brands you find almost everywhere else. I consult with the countries leading bartenders and cocktail experts to ensure I am on the right track...and so far so good! I recommend you check out our selection HERE.

Happy Drinking all!

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