New Year's Picks

I always get worried when people start telling me about all the various things they are going to quit, start doing or go do as soon as the clock strikes 12. I worry because I know that 99% of all of those goals are largely just drunken talk or ways of getting out of the normal small talk that comes up when attending end of year and Xmas functions. Outside of nodding and smiling at these affairs I often find that the best way to get through them is with some decent wines.

I've decided to compile a list of things that are perfect for the big night. Unless you are loaded to the hills it is not the night to be pumping through cases of Dom Perignon - though if you've got the budget to do so, please be my guest. In fact please invite me to your parties! I've always found that a light white or rose to start the night off and then you wind into bubbles a bit later into the night. Not a set rule but I've found that is a good way to go. 

My NYE favourites are;

-Wolffer Estate's 'Finca' Rose 2016 is easily one of the best roses. In the heat at the beginning of the night this is one of the best things to pull out of the ice bucket. It is a light and clean rose with fresh raspberry, white currants, red plum and strawberry notes. It has a lively acidity and a real creamy texture.

-Quinta das Arcas 'Vinho Verde' 2014 is a great light white wine. If you are like me and are just attacking the nibbles being taken around the party then this is white for you. It has a great acidity to cut through the fatty cheeses or BBQ meats you are most likely chewing on. Just a touch of sweetness (bugger all - you probably won't notice) but it helps to bring the bright white and green floral aromatics out. 

-Channing Daughters 'Vino Bianco' 2013 is one of the best white wines to have in the summertime. Without a doubt one of my favourites from out of the whole of the USA. Channing Daughters is in the Hamptons just out from NYC and is one of the most exciting wineries in the states. This particular white was my wine of choice when enjoying later summer in Long Island last year. It is fun and fruity but is dry and refreshing. Loaded with green apple, white pear, white and yellow peaches and a touch of tangelo. It has great acidity and zesty texture. Love this wine!


Just a couple of bubbles options for toasting the countdown (and the proceeding hour or two):

-Sentio's Prosecco NV is without a doubt one of the best bottles of Prosecco for under $30 on the NZ marketplace. I tried this a couple of years back in a bar in Australia and I was blown away with the concentration of it. It is everything you want from the best bottle of Prosecco and more. Lemon zest, green apple, pear and a touch of pink grapefruit. Love the bubbles on this one too. It is utterly delightful with BBQ'd peaches and English Cheddar!

-Chatea Frank Brut Vintage 2009 is hands down the best Champagne alternative that we have online at the moment. For a mere $50 you can get everything the best Champagnes can give you. Want that yeasty complexity? How about that lightning acidity? Crave that limey, lemony zesty touch? Want that biscuity and nutty aromatic that ties it all together? Well, this the wine for you (not wanting to sound too much like an infomercial there...). Seriously is top notch bubbles at a fraction of the price it should be. 5 years on lees - only Dom Perignon gets that sort of treatment!!

Enjoy one and all. Stay safe and silly!

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