I've got a Rosso on my mind

The more astute of you out there will already know that 'Rosso' is Italian for 'Red'. So you already you are probably thinking that I am going to wax lyrical about a particular Italian red wine that I am enjoying at the moment. Well you are wrong! Not entirely though... I wanted to shed some light on one of my favourite light red wines from New York State. It is aptly called 'Rosso Fresco' - a combination of Italy and France all in one to create the perfect red wine to enjoy outside. Sound like you? Well it should do. 

The mad man behind this utterly delicious drop is Chris Tracey from Channing Daughters Winery in Long Island. The winery is based on the South Fork of Long Island (essentially around all the $$$ houses of the Hamptons) but the fruit is sourced from their Mudd Vineyard in the North Fork - slightly warmer than the South Fork (for those who are interested). 

Check out the crazy blend: Merlot (39%), Dornfelder (21%), Cabernet Franc (18%), Syrah (16%), Lagrein (3%), Teroldego (2%) and Blaufrankisch (1%) - the proportions of grapes alter slightly every year in order to make sure that the most fruity and delicious red wine is produced each year.

The key to this wine is juicy richness without the oak. It has a very old-world Cotes du Rhone feel to it; with a spicy, fruity aspect to it with all the Provencal herb notes in there too. My current note on this stunner reads as: "Truly good stuff! Cranberries, red currants, dried red plums, wild strawberries, thyme and fresh bay leaves. Juicy on the palate with refreshing acidity. Fruit forward and lively on the palate. A touch of cocoa and liquorice on the finish. Yum!"

So if I were you I'd be checking it out. The Channing Daughters 'Rosso Fresco' 2014 is a sure fire standout from our large New York range!

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